• Let us tell you why we are not only different but also better for providing IP services to clients.

    We are “on the ground” in the US and Israel. Using ISUSIP, there is no need to secure a “foreign” US associate to prepare and file the company’s US applications. This not only complicates things but also costs $$$. So, our services are cost-effective as compared to US patent firms and Israeli patent firms as well.

    We are on the ground in Israel – for face-to-face meetings, without time zone issues and without language issues.

    Omer is a very experienced IP manager whose position as IP Manager at global companies provided him with in-depth experience in mining for inventions and developing the inventions into disclosures in preparation for their filing. This experience extends to small and start-up companies as well.

    Jason is a senior US patent attorney who started his career as an examiner in the US Patent and Trademark Office. He works in the same time zone as the USPTO so contacting and dealing with examiners is simple. He also comes to Israel very often, at least every other month, and meets clients with Omer.

    Together, we already represent some of Israel’s most dynamic clients, both large and small.