• Patrade is an Israeli registered company affiliated with ISUSIP. This business platform commercializes intellectual property (IP) driven opportunities. For any number of reasons, market failure may occur during the commercialization process of a product, despite being covered by IP. Due to such market failures, or the unavailability of venture capital or other reasons, many good patents and technologies fail to reach the commercial market, or, if they do reach the market, are unsuccessful for reasons which may be unrelated to IP coverage.

    Patrade aims to bridge these market failures by establishing an effective and reliable link between sources of IP and potential buyers or licensees, whether from academic sources, start-ups or mature companies. Patrade also welcomes relationships with third parties which are looking for good patents at fair prices.

    When IP coverage is incomplete, this is where we step in, complete the IP development process and even file for additional intellectual property to enhance the portfolio to facilitate intellectual property monetization. Patrade increases the intellectual property estate behind an invention and puts financial and other resources into place to further develop it.

    Patrade is flexible and can operate on a fee basis or on a full or partial contingent basis as well.

    Here are a few examples of current projects:

    In the area of medical devices, we established a company into which the medical device IP was transferred, developed and are now patenting new improved technology, as well as securing resources to further develop and manufacture the device, securing investments, and assisting in securing FDA approval. The end result will be a product that was virtually abandoned being sold to a company in the medical device community.

    In the area of semiconductor packaging, we are working with a company that owns a large portfolio of patents to evaluate the IP, evaluate potential purchasers and then arrange the sale or license of the IP to such potential purchasers.

    Again in the area of medical technology, we have acquired from a well-known university the exclusive rights in IP relating to cardiac remediation. Our goal is to find an entity to partner with, develop the technology into a commercially viable product, and to transfer the license rights to such partner. Along the way to this, we are enhancing the underlying IP by preparing and filing further improvements in this technology so that the partner  receives not only the value of the underlying IP but the  enhancements we have made as well.