Shada AbuhattoumTechnological Expert

    ISUS Intellectual Property Ltd.
    22 a' Nitzanim St.
    Haifa 34354, Israel

    +972-54-5838717 (mobile) | +972-4-8100607 (fax)


    Shada is a biomedical engineer graduated from the Technion, Israel. Currently, she is working on her M.Sc degree in bio-rheology and cell mechanics lab. Shada has a wide experience in biomaterials and gels as well as in the development of medical devices, after working for three years in LifeBond developing a biological sealant for gastro intestine procedures. She received her M.A. in patent law from Haifa University at 2010. Shada joined ISUS team in 2013 and took part in various projects including, provisional writing, patentability and freedom to operate searches and medical products development design.


    • Shada AbuHattoum and Daphne Weihs, “Location-dependent intracellular particle tracking using a cell-based coordinate system”, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 2013, Volume 16, issue 10.